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Mausoleum of Prince William of Orange

The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Delft contains a magnificent monument made by Hendrik de Keyser, erected by the United Provinces to the memory of Prince William of Orange, The Silent.

The effigy of the prince in white marble lies on a black marble sarcophagus, beneath a canopy supported by four clustered pillars and six isolated columns, all likewise of marble. In the niches of the corner­pillars stand four allegorical figures:

Liberty is represented with a sceptre, a cap of liberty, and the motto, "Je maintiendrai piété et justice"; Justice with her scales, beside which is inscribed William's favourite motto, "Saevis tranquillus in undis"; Courage, with a lion's hide and a twig of thorn in her hand; Religion, with the Bible in one hand and a, miniature church in the other, whilst her foot rests on a corner-stone emblematical of Christ.

At the head of the statue is placed a second statue in bronze, representing the prince in full military accoutrement, while at the feetis a bronze figure of Fame, with outspread wings. The dog, on which, in mediaeval fashion, the feet of the recumbent figure rest, is placed there in memory of the prince's favourite dog, which was the means of saving his life in 1572 when he was attacked at night by two Spanish assassins in his camp at Malines.

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