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Guicciardini book page 2-II

Guicciardini book page 2-IIeng of painting with oyle, first devised at Bruges 5. The working of glasse in colours. 6. The making of Tapistrie, Sayes, Searges, Wusteds, Russels, Friezeadoes, and divers sorts of linnen cloth, and divers other small trifles. 7. The names of the Windes. 8. All sorts of clocks and Dials, used in these parts, and the Maryners Compasse, (as some write) 9. Divers sorts of Housholde stuffe, and of instruments fit to make any thinge fine and handsome.

In Belgica are 320. Walled Townes, divers of the Which are verye statelye and magnificent: Namelie, Bruxelles, Andwerp , Boysleduc, Gant, Bruges, Ipre, Malines, Cambray, Arras, Tournay, Maestricht, Luxembourg, Valenciennes, Lisle, Calais, Bouloyn, Amiens, S. Quentim, Liege, Namur, Reins, Treues, Metz, Nancy, Toul, Verdun, Strausbourg, Metz, Aix, Couloyn, Cleves, Julliers, Niemeghe, Utrecht, Amsterda, Middlebourg, Leewaerden, Groinenghen, al the which are famous and goodly Cities. The greatest part of Paris is also in Belgique: namely, all that is on this side the river of Seyne.

All Tytles of Honor, are in Belgica: namelie, Emperour, King, Duke, Archbishop, Marquis, &c.

Farther, in Belgica are 230. Townes, havinge priviledge of walled Townes. And 12000 villages with Parish Churches.

The principall Rivers of Belgica are the Rhin the

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