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Guicciardini book page 4-I

Guicciardini book page 4-Iletter al that space. On the other side, the lowest that the sunne mounteth above the Orizon, being the 10. day of December, is about 26. degrees and a halfe, and is seene that day above the Orizon, or about it 7. houres and a halfe, giving small light to us, either in the morning before it enter into our Hemsphere; or in the Evening when it entereth into the other, bicause it riseth and setteth very perpendicularly.

The Countrey is seated very commodiouslie for all the Provinces of Europe: for Northwarde it is but five or six dajes jounney by Sea from Denmarke. Southward, it confineth with France and Lorraine. Eastward, with Almayne. Westward, with England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is also commodious for Norway and Sweden: for a Ship that departed out of Holland, arrived in Normay in lesse than two daies and two nights.

Likewise from Lisbonne, the journey is made in 10. daies and lesse, and out of Spayne in eight, ten, twelue, or fifteene, according to the Haven [Haven means Harbour in Dutch] where you embarke.

The circuit of the Countrey is about the fifte part of Italie, and somewhat more: namelye, about a thousand Italian miles or 340 Flemishe leagues.

The Leagues of the Countrey are of two sorts, the one Flemish, the other French. The Flemish leagues are also of divers sorts: for in som countries they containe three Italian miles: namely, almost

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