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Guicciardini book page 9-I

Guicciardini book page 9-ISchelde. The Sambre in Latine Sabis, riseth by Novion in Hainault, and not farre from Namurs entreth into the Meuse.

Dele riseth in Brabant, neere to Tile, it passeth by Louvaine, and Malines, and a great league from thense, it meeteth with the river Nethe, at a village caled Rumpst, where both of them losing their own names, and taking the name of Rupele two leagues thense: namly, at Rupelmonde, they enter joyntlie into the Schelde.

Seine, or Sine, riseth by Soigny in Haynault, and a little from Malines entereth into Dele.

Deize riseth by Per, in the Contrey of Liege, a League from Bolduc, it entreth into the Meuse.

Demere riseth by Tongres, in the Contrey of Liege, not farre from Arschot, it entereth Dele.

Neth riseth by Rethi, At Rumst it joineth with Dele, and both losing their names are called Rupel, and at Rupelmonde enter the Schelde.

Rueur, riseth by Bulinghe in Liegeland, and at Ruermonde entereth Meuse.

Berkel riseth by Coes felt in Westphalia, and at Zutphen entereth Issel.

Niers, riseth neere to S. Anthonies in Liegeland, and a little fro Genappe, entreth the Meuse.

Vidre, riseth in Westphalia, and entereth Zuiderzee. In Dutch it is called Veghte.

Scarpe hath two fountaines in Artoys, one riseth out of Mont S. Eloy, and the other not far off.