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Frans van Mieris (1635-1681)

Frans van Mieris (1635-1681)Frans van Mieris (1635-1681) formed himself under the instruction of Rembrandt's first pupil, Gerard Dou. Dou's most gifted pupil was the son of a Leyden goldsmith and diamond cutter. Frans van Mieris (1635-1681) could never be induced to leave his native city, although his success made the Archduke Leopold invite him to come to Vienna.

His works are generally of small size; the subjects, taken from everyday life among the upper and middle classes, display great perception of character and a considerable sense of humour. Like all the Dutch painters he paid especial attention to the drawing and expression of the hands.

His execution, at once spirited and to the last degree refined, vies with that of Metsu and Dou. The vivacity of his colour and his exquisite technical qualities made him, one of the most popular among his contemporaneous brethren of the brush.