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Guicciardini book page 2-I

Guicciardini book page 2-Iand the mightiest halfe, as well in regard of the valour of the people, as also of the mightie and stately Townes, and infinite number of goodlie villages (all exceeding well peopled) contained therein in suche sort, that it may bee compared with the greatest and mightiest kingdome of Christendome. The other halfe is subject to the King of France: namely, Picardie, Champaigne, and Normandy (though these two last provinces be not wholy in
Belgica) to the Dukes of Lorraine, Cleves and Julliers: to the Archbishops of Treves, Mentz & Colin, and to the bishops of Cambray and Liege.

Of al these three parts of Gaule, the Noblest is Belgique, and that for three reasons. First, by the authoritie of Caesar, Strabo, & other approved Authors.

Secondarilie, for the nobilitie and excellency of the people of the Countrey. Thirdlie, for the greatnesse and worthinesse of those thinges that have been invented there, and the accidentes that there have happened.

The principall of the noble inventions of the Belgeoys are these. Printing, first invented at Mentz, or as some write at Harlem in Holland 2. The restoring of Musicke and the invention of divers musicall instruments. 3. The invention of the Chariot used in the warres, called in Latine Essedum: whereof all our Coaches and Wagons tooke their first patterne. 4. The lay­-eng

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