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Guicciardini book page 8-I

Guicciardini book page 8-Iwhich is above 30 leagues fro the mouth of the River.

Into this River, by reason of the vicinity that it hath with the mouth of the Meuse, come out of the Sea divers sorts of fishes: namlye, Sturgeons, Salmons, and Salmon-trouts, Lamprayes, Turbots, Congers, Shads, Mulets. Vives, Soles, &c. Besides a number of other sorts of fishes that run into this River out of the Sea, as well to feede as to spawne (so commodious is the water for that purpose) in such sort, that by the space of two or three moneths in the Spring and in Summer (besides the great fish) such a deale of yoong frie is taken in this Riuer, that an infinite number of people relieve themselves therewith.

Into this Riuer run also out of the Sea, the dog fish or Sea-calfe, and the excellent Porpeses, called in Latine Turfii, which two kindes of Fishe spawne not, but ingender as land Beastes, and bring forth their yoong perfect and accomplished. And the Dog-fish not only bringeth foorth hir yoong upon the land, but also there suckleth them with hir owne milke, till they bee growne to some reasonable greatnesse , twelve daies as Plinie writeth. They have heare like a Dogge, and ingender as dogs, they have a horrible voice and their bloud is hot, and all thefe fishes runne out of the Sea.

But the Fish that the River it selfe breedeth, are Pikes, Barbels, Tench, Carpe, some waighyng twentie

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