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Guicciardini book page 3-I

Guicciardini book page 3-Ithe Meuse, Syne, Schelde.

The principall forrests are, The forrest of Ardenne, Charbonniere, Nonneu, Fagne, Sonien.

Manie mines are also in the Countrey and Quarreis of excellent good stone.

In Belgica also, are three of the seven Electors of the Empire: namely, the Archbyshoppes of Treves, Mentz, and Colyn, and a good parte of the Country of the Counte Palatin. And likewise, seven of the twelve peeres of France: namelie, Normandy, Flaunders, Champaigne, Reins, Laon, Beauvois in Picardy and Noion.

At Aix is the Emperour sacred, and at Reins the king of France.

The Emperour Charles had an intention, to erect the Low Countreys into a Kingdome, but the difficulty consisted heerein, that every of these Provinces being governed by proper Lawes, prerogatives,and peculiar ancient privileges, would never have yeelded to our Royall Law common to al, especially those that had the largest privileges, for the which cause hee gave ouer his enterprise.

The scituation of the Lowe Countreys is such as heere followeth.

North Holland and Friseland have the Ocean Sea.

South Luxembourg and Hamault are bounded with Lorraine, Champaigne and Picardi.

East Guelderland is bounded with the Rhine, and

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