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Guicciardini book page 5-I

Guicciardini book page 5-Ia garden, wherein are growing above foure hundreth sorts of strange simples. Likewise, about a League and a halfe from Bruges, in the Seniorye of Moerkercke, Charles of S. Omer a Gentleman singularly well qualified, hath a wonderfull rare Garden.

The Beeves of Friseland and Holland are very great, and waigh some of them 1600 pound, of xvi. ounces the pound, which are more than 2000 pounds Italian. Yea one was given (being an Oxe of Friseland) to the Earle of Hochstraet, at Maluies, which waighed 2528. pounds, of the Countrey waight.

The Ewes of Holland, Friseland, and some part of Flanders, bring foorth three and fower lambs at a time, and the Kyne often two Calves at once, and give commonly in Summer viii, or x. Lots of milk in a day. A Lot is a measure somwhat greater than the halfe Quart or Flacon of Florence.

The Countrey bringeth forth great quantitie of Mather, wherewith a great part of Europe is furnished. It produceth also very perfect woad but no great store: but of Flax and Hempe great aboundance. But the comodities that the countrey yeeldeth, togither with the fruitfulnes of the Soile, is heere omitted of purpose: bicause it is largely mentioned in the particular description of every Province.

Five principall Rivers there are in the Countrey,

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