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Guicciardini book page 4-II

Guicciardini book page 4-IIalmost throughout all Brabant, in a part of Holland, In Flanders Flamengante, in Zeeland, Liege, Namurs. But in the Duchy of Luxembourg they are greater, and yet greater in a great parte of Guelderland, and in Frisland they are as great as the Almayne leagues: namely , five or six Italian miles long and better. The French leagues containe two Italian miles and these are used all over Flanders, Gallicante, Artoys, and the greatest part of Haynault.

In that part of Belgique that obeyeth K. Philip, there are walled Townes, 208. Townes priviledged as walled townes 150. Villages with Parish churches, above 6300. Besides a great number of other villages, & hamlets, and Seniories infinute. Farther, there are 60. strong places with garisons and particular Governours.

The Ayre within these 25. or 30. yeares is become much more holsome and temperate then it was in times past: whether it bee by reason of the great increase of the Inhabitantes, or of the industrie of the people, whoe purge it fundrye waies, or of some other superiour cause, I knowe not.

The Countrey though it be not very propitious for the produsing of simples, yet by industry is it made commodious enough or them, considering that neere to Andwerpe, at the village of Bourguerhaut. Peter de Couberg apothecary hath a

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